Swainsboro First Methodist Church was founded in 1863. Worship was held at Clark’s Chapel, the Old Academy located at the corner of North Main and Church Streets, and in various homes of congregation members. The first church building was built in 1875 on land donated by J. J. Moring.

In 1896 a new church building was built on the northwest corner at the intersection of Church and Green Streets. The church was enlarged and improved in 1911, and under the leadership of the Reverend Charles G. Earnest, a new sanctuary was built in 1937 on the same site.

First Methodist grew and on February 16. 1956, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for a new building on West Main Street. The land for the new building was donated by Mrs. Frank Mitchell in memory of her late son, John Coleman Mitchell. The first sermon was preached in the new church building on June 2, 1957. An additional wing was added to the structure and was dedicated on January 17, 1965. In 1993 the sanctuary was remodeled and a pipe organ was installed.

Previous Pastors

1860, 1863 R. N. Cottor

1861-62 J. V. M. Morris

1864-65 Wesley Lane

1866-67 Levi P. Neese

1868 J. D. Mauldin

1869 Norman D. Morehouse

1870-71 Robert F. Evans

1872 Charles T. Toole

1873 Daniel G. Pope

1874 T. R. Wave

1875-76, 1883-85 C. A. Moore

1877 T. T. Giles

1878 T. L. Williams

1879-81 W. F. Roberts

1882 Joseph O. Langston

1886 Carnie H. Carson

1887-89 F. W. Flanders

1890 C. T. Clark

1891 T. C. G. Raburn

1892 H. C. Fenress

1893 T. F. Carvil

1893 E. M. Wright

1894-98, 1918-21 J. M. Foster

1898-1900 T. G. Harrison

1900-01 T. H. Darley

1901-03 B. S. Sentell

1903-04 W. L. Wooten

1904-06 J. W. Weston

1906-07 H. P. Myers

1907-10 J. T. Ryder

1910-11 B. E. Whittington

1911-12 J. W. Domingos

1912-15 J. M. Peacock

1915-16 R. E. Bailey

1916-18 Q. L. Kelly

1921-25 W. A. Tyson

1925-26 T. G. Christian

1926-29 K. H. McGregor

1929-31 O. S. Wilson

1931-33 R. L. Whitehead

1933-35 C. A. Jackson

1935-38 C. G. Earnest

1938-43 Earl T. Garbutt

1943-47 H. C. Griffin

1947-52 H. S. Brooks

1952-57 Vernard Robertson

1957-58 W. A. Alsobrook

1958-60 M. P. Webb

1960-63 Pledger M. Parker

1963-68 Elick Bullington

1968-72 Orman Sloat

1972-76 Donald J. Sparks

1976-81 Frank J. Terry

1981-85 Ed Cadle

1985-89 Dave Hanson

1989-93 Frank Harris

1993-1999 Ronnie Wills

1999-2003 C. Benjamin (Benjy) Varnell

2003-2009 Wayne DeFore

2009-2013 Reverend Dr. William E. Woodson III

2013-2017 Scott Brenton

2017 – present David Unkles